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It Goes - Rubayne

I've recently had the pleasure of recording guitars for Netherlands based producer 'Rubayne' on his latest track 'It Goes' featuring Moosa Saleem & Siddharth Basrur. 'It Goes' is a bright and motivational Urban Bass track showcasing Rubayne's fresh and tight production alongside the superb vocal talents of Moosa Saleem and Siddharth Basrur. Rubayne reached out to me to write and build some guitar lines around the synths and keyboards he had already in the track, he provided me with so much information in the pre-production phase making life really easy to get the exact parts that he needed...

Rubayne sent me his outline along with stems for each of his instruments and guidelines for the guitar tracks that he needed. His instructions for this track were to follow and compliment the synth rhythms in the pre-chorus and to create a melodic line to accompany the vocal in the verse. After a zoom call to make sure I knew exactly what was required I drafted up some short ideas for him to hear and review giving Ruben chance to make any final suggestions before I headed into the final recording session...

This included the parts I had written as well as the tone I was using. It's really important to me to make sure I get the exact sound that a client wants, in this case Ruben wanted clean, crisp tones to cut through the keys and synths he had already used in the track. I then sent the previews over for review with the offer of dry, wet, singular stems or a mixed down stereo file of the layers.

'It Goes' is released on Unique Vibes - listen for yourself and check out the track here:

Check out Rubayne's other releases here:

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