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Free Guitar Samples

Searching for inspiring electric guitar samples?

This month i've put together a guitar loop pack ready and waiting for songwriters, producers, beat-makers and creators to grab for free! The focus in this first guitar sample pack is aimed at Neo Soul, Trap, Hip-hop and Pop styles, although, with some imagination they could be used for whatever genre you're creating. There are over 30 royalty free samples in this first pack made up of rhythmic grooves, melodic hooks and moody chords ready to set the tone for your guitar based beats and productions. As a music producer myself I know the importance of having quality samples to hand that you can rely on for immediate inspiration and to get your song or project moving quickly. That's exactly what I've aimed at creating in this pack!

Most loops are processed with a little EQ and compression, with a little reverb added so you've got full flexibility when using them in your projects, songs and mixes. All samples are organised as stereo files and labelled, as expected, with their bpm ready to be imported into your project so you can get working quickly. The guitar loops vary between simple, single, guitar loops and multi-tracked and more complex layered samples to give you a variation in styles and tones.

Not grabbed this pack yet? Grab it here.

I'm a fan of sample packs and the loops within this guitar pack are designed for you to make solid productions immediately, with quality grooves, hooks and melodies. That said this is just a taste of what I can offer you as an online session guitarist. There is so much more to life than loops and together we can make so much more of the music you are creating. Take your music to the next level with custom guitar tracks, rhythms, hooks, guitar solos and melodies that add more magic to your beats and productions that just a sample. Through collaboration you will get a much more unique and original feel to your music.

We all need a good team around us and that includes the musicians as well as the artists, producers and engineers.

Want to talk more about working together? Hit me up here


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